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Earn up to 25% Commission

As you are probably aware, Paidboom affiliate programs that pays you for every signup that you bring to our site and when one of your referred visitor purchase web hosting plans, you will be paid-out 25% commission.

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How it works

To sign up for the Paidboom affiliate program, All you have to do is follow 3 easy steps and It is completely free.

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Apply Your FREE Affiliate Account by simply clicking apply now button and fill out the form with details. More details you write, more easy for us to approve.

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Once the form is submitted, please allow us 24 hours to approve your affiliate account and please note that affiliate approval depends on various factors.

Make Money

All done, Once your affiliate account is approved. you'll receive affiliate dashboard login instructions to your email. Start making money right away.

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It takes approximately 24 hours for your affiliate application to be accepted. If you've any queries in the meantime. Please contact us.

Affiliate Commission

These commission applicable if your referral sign up for the highest-plan annual subscription else you will get default 25% commission and Commission will be paid out every 60 days.

Hosting Service
Commission per Sale

Shared Cloud Hosting


Wordpress Hosting (20%)


DirectAdmin Hosting


Static Hosting


Wordpress Security


Wordpress Site optimization


We provide your audience with a personalized discount code such as MyCustomPromo to use the discount. Please state that in the affiliate application if you are interested in it.

And our system saves cookies in the browser for 30 days. You'll still receive your affiliate commission even though if referral purchase web hosting after 15 days.

Get custom commission rates by contacting us

if you have a lot of traffic which worth more than 25% affiliate commission,