Why Paidboom Cloud Hosting?

Find out why we are best among the other hosting provider.

Who we are

We are a very small team focusing on providing services such as hosting, maintenance and security related to Wordpress. we also offer shared hosting for small businesses.

What we do

Paidboom at its core always wanted to change the face of hosting industry. Many of our clients who choose Paidboom had in past some or the other terrible incident with other hosting providers but now are feeling at home with us.


We make sure to give you support from our experience and we make sure everytime you interact with a human only. We always value our human interaction with our clients. Our friendly approach has helped a lot of clients. 

Let us give you some insights 40% of our sales comes from already clients who refer their friends to us. Rest 60% of our sales comes from other channels. 40% might sound less at first but it’s a huge number and the highest in the market in our industry, this itself proves the very base of our existence. We always strive very hard to give the best to our clients.

Our array of products always has some sort of extension and we make sure that, we become the one stop destination for our clients.We have outgrown from a single person team to a full grown team as of now because of our hard work and dedication.

We make sure that the ticket size of the client doesn’t matter, we never make distinctions to any of our clients no matter it’s a $50 client or a $500 client. Once a client for us, always remains a client for us.

We have been lately partnering with many companies which means that our products array is sure to increase in future also.

Perfect for starters.

Shared Hosting

For Wordpress

Launching a new website? shared cloud hosting would be the right fit for your new website. Start here with cost effective plans and grow with Paidboom.

Perfect for Mid-sized Websites.

Managed Hosting

For Wordpress.

Our Wordpress Hosting is backed by our team of experts who provide 24*7 support and management to ensure your website stays up and running.

Migrate your website today to Paidboom

Although times that change, the Paidboom team is committed to delivering great products at an affordable price.

Go with the right product of your choice

We offer a wide range of products that can suit your requirements.